Zero Gravity

Zero GravityMilky Way I helped develop this little chap called ZG - with Jim Henson's master puppeteers, and worked on several commercials with the character, this being one of the later ones. He was big in Germany, plush toys of ZG still crop-up on

The Lion and the Meteorite

We asked artist Billy Childish to take a Cannes Lion advertising award and turn it into art; he chopped it up, melted it down and recast the bronze into a scale replica of a meteorite - a meteorite that will wipe out art on earth! We made a film of the process which was screened at the Cannes Lions festival, ...

Hide and Seek

Hide and SeekVogue movie Hide & Seek! Couture dresses in Paris, a special film for Russian Vogue - shot on glorious 35mm movie film. The director of photography was John Mathieson, think 'Gladiator' and other such blockbusters. Inside the magazine was an accompanying fashion story, created by scanning the negative.